PRODUCT 4: Presentations for technical training

If you want immediate access to technical materials on IFRS both to provide training to self-develop in IFRS have the solution. Our PowerPoint materials on IFRS and IFRS for SMEs were developed by qualified professionals in accounting turning in documents all the knowledge and experience to the best [...]

PRODUCT 3: IFRS Training Videos

The purpose of these videos is to present IFRS clear, practical and dynamic, allowing learn and remember simply the main concepts of IFRS to apply efficiently as accounting professional. Our interactive tool allows you to learn IFRS Videos online 365 days a year from your PC, [...]

PRODUCT 1: IFRS Financial Statements Model

fundamental tool for accountants, auditors, chief accountants, CFOs, accounting firms and teachers for the preparation of financial statements and disclosures of companies according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 2016 Content Complete Model 155 pages in Spanish (state position, statement of comprehensive income, changes in equity, cash flows and notes [...]

PRODUCT 6: Translation Service of accounting documents

Normally companies with equity capital abroad must report to their parent financial statements, management reports, budgets, reports, corporate manuals, etc. in English or Spanish. This requires the highest expertise and knowledge not only of both languages, but also of accounting and financial terminology this process [...]